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Scott Kirby Art

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About Scott Kirby

Most of Scott Kirby's drawings and watercolor paintings are inspired by the American Great Plains. Referred to as an “accidental artist” by Sandpoint Magazine, Kirby began art at the age of 40. After 9 months of drawing with dual-tip brush pens, Kirby moved into watercolors, which remains his primary medium.  Although the attempts to capture these mostly imagined visions are quite intentional, the origins of Kirby's transition from music to art was, in a way, “accidental,” or unexpected. While drawing with his daughters  one afternoon, Kirby was suddenly compelled to continue into the night and following days, being bombarded by mental images which demanded expression. Weeks turned into months, and drawing turned into painting, all scenes rooted in a long relationship with the towns and landscapes of the American grasslands. Though some are inspired by actual locales, most are imagined scenes, or composites of familiar images, objects, skies, structures and enormous open spaces found in the High Plains. In 2021 Kirby was inspired to try cityscapes, mainly Paris, a project which is expanding to other urban locales. Scott Kirby has made his living as a musician for his entire professional life, and has had no formal training or professional background in visual art. The last few years Kirby has combined his art and music in a multi-media program called "Main Street Souvenirs." For more information, visit his website - 

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